What’s Stopping the Flow? A Plumbing Camera Inspection Can Tell

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What’s Stopping the Flow? A Plumbing Camera Inspection Can TellPlumbing repairs can be an intimidating process. If there’s a clog or issue with your drainage, you might be afraid to call it in, fearing a torn-up lawn or costly excavation. The good news, however, is that most of the time, these messy methods are not required to find the problem with your piping. Thanks to the availability of a plumbing camera inspection, you no longer have to fear plumbers digging and digging until they find the root of the problem.

So, what is a plumbing camera inspection? Simply put, our plumbers will snake a specialized plumbing camera through the tubing, often locating the problem without removing a single clump of dirt. Once the problem is located, we can find exactly where to dig so that we can fix it without causing any more disturbances than necessary.

In addition, it gives us a first-person view of the inside of your pipes, helping us understand a blockage without needing to open up the lines. Not only that, but we can sometimes even watch the flow firsthand and understand exactly how the water is moving and what the precise issues are.

If you’re worried about plumbers coming into your yard, digging up your garden, and leaving you with a mess – don’t be. A plumbing camera inspection is a reliable and trustworthy method to locate your plumbing issues and fix them without any excessive shifting of your property. If you think you have a clog or connection issue in your pipes, call us today at East Atlantic Plumbing LLC and get that inspection done!

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