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We’ll give you an honest answer about whether plumbing replacement is necessary.

The longer you own your Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina home, the greater the chance that you’ll soon face the need for a plumbing replacement. It is helpful to have a plumbing company already chosen, so when an emergency occurs, you won’t be scrambling trying to figure out who to call. At East Atlantic Plumbing LLC, we offer a variety of residential plumbing services, so you’ll have ample opportunity to get to know us before that happens. In addition, we can help you out with a variety of emergency plumbing replacement projects, such as water heater replacement and sewer line replacements.

Plumbing Replacement in Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina

With more than 35 years of residential plumbing experience and investments in high-tech equipment and training for our technicians, we are in the best position to give you straightforward answers about whether your issue can be resolved with repairs or if plumbing replacement is the better course of action. We are equipped to handle everything from minor to major plumbing repairs, so we will go whichever route makes sense for your situation. If the repair would not be reliable, would prove to be too costly, or doesn’t significantly extend the life of the plumbing fixture, we will recommend plumbing replacement instead.

You can reach out to us for preventative services, as well, so that you won’t need plumbing replacement nearly as soon. For example, drain cleaning and sewer drain cleaning are a great way to keep your pipes in top condition, so it could be longer before the pipes need to be replaced. If you would like to know more about our preventative and problem resolution services for your home, reach out to us today.

At East Atlantic Plumbing LLC, we offer plumbing replacement services in Wilmington, Carolina Beach, Wrightsville Beach, Leland, Castle Hayne, Myrtle Grove, Ogden, Kure Beach, Porters Neck, Bayshore, Kings Grant, Northchase, Hampstead, and throughout New Hanover County, Brunswick County, and Pender County, North Carolina.


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