Proactive Plumbing: The Ultimate Residential Plumbing Inspection Checklist [infographic]

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One of the best ways to look after your home’s plumbing system is to conduct regular checks that detect problems early, preventing costly repairs and keeping your pipes and fixtures running smoothly. To help you stay on top of maintenance, here is a comprehensive checklist to guide your inspections.

Proactive Plumbing: The Ultimate Residential Plumbing Inspection Checklist


  • Check for any leaks around the base or handles.
  • Test the water pressure by turning faucets on and off, watching for coughing, sputtering or inconsistent pressure.
  • Make sure the water is running clear; discoloration may indicate corrosion or rust in your pipes.
  • Get drips repaired promptly to prevent water waste.


  • Check for leaks around the base and tank.
  • Ensure your toilets are flushing properly and completely. Continuous running may indicate a faulty flapper or fill valve.
  • Look for signs of cracks or damage on the toilet tank.

Water Heater

  • Check for leaks around the tank or connections.
  • Monitor the age of your water heater; with a typical lifespan of 10 years, it’s best to keep a close eye on your water heater starting around 7 years after installation.
  • Keep an eye out for rust or corrosion, which can indicate deterioration.

Red Flags That Need Professional Attention

  • Persistent leaks.
  • Foul odors from drains or fixtures.
  • Sudden drops in water pressure.
  • Water discoloration or unusual taste and smell.
  • Noisy pipes, particularly banging or clanging sounds.
  • Visible signs of water damage on walls, ceilings, or floors.

It’s important to remember that, while regular inspections can help you catch many plumbing issues promptly, a professional residential plumber is your best resource for accurately diagnosing and resolving problems. If you notice any red flags or aren’t sure about an aspect of your plumbing system, don’t hesitate to schedule a professional inspection, repairs, or replacements to best maintain your home’s plumbing.

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