Plumbing Camera Inspection 101

Plumbing Camera Inspection 101At East Atlantic Plumbing LLC, we want to help you keep your plumbing in great condition, and we offer thorough plumbing inspection services to do just that. During our plumbing inspections, our team examines every part of your system to check for any problems or potential problems, then we make the necessary repairs and adjustments to return your system to optimal condition.

In addition to standard inspections, our team also offers plumbing camera inspection services to provide even more accurate diagnoses. If you are not familiar with plumbing camera inspections, keep reading to get an overview of how they work.

  • The Camera – For the plumbing camera inspection process, our team uses a tiny digital camera attached to a long cable, which is in turn attached to a handheld monitor device. The camera is also equipped with a light to illuminate the area around it and allow it to capture clear images.
  • The Process- During a plumbing camera inspection, we feed the cable through your pipes to look at them from the inside and check for blockages and signs of damage. The long, flexible cable allows the camera to navigate the narrow pipes with ease and turn around tight corners and bends.
  • The Benefits – Plumbing camera inspections offer several advantages over standard visual inspections, which can only look at pipes from the outside. These inspections allow us to get a closer look at any blockages and determine what is causing them (such as clumps of hair vs. a tree root), and we can inspect the condition of your pipes from the inside, checking for corrosion and other damage. All this allows us to make more accurate diagnoses and provide more effective solutions.

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